C-0 DWR’s


There is still a large number of traditional durable water repellents (DWR) finishes are on the market, made of Fluoropolymer (like PTFE). This is the same widely used material found in many waterproof breathable membranes. Making PTFE requires a key-processing agent known as Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), a Per-Fluorinated Acid (PFA). Recent Artic wildlife research has identified PFA in the livers and bloodstreams of polar bears and arctic seals. PFA is supected to cause cancer and has led to enlarge livers and decreases fertility in wildlife. The percentage of this chemical in the environment is high and there has been no recorded decrease of PFA to date.
Gelanots ECO has developed a completely fluorpolymer free water water repellent finish that does not include any PFOA. This can be achieved without compromising any of the performance benefits or conventional durable water repellent finish.

This is a necessary step in preserving our environment and ensuring the health of our wildlife and human race.

Kindly ask for our BD finish for this C-0 type of DWR!