dry coating


DRY type coatings are a group of coating concepts, usually made of microporos Polyurethene, breathable or non-breathable Acycrilics. These combinations are mostly applied on our lighter weight fabrics. The application for dry type coated fabrics is very wide and our goal is to match customers request on demand. We have answers to:

- lining or shell fabrics which certain specifications for the air permeabilities in order match the requirements by the isolation providers such as Primaloft/Polartec Alpha/Thinsulate/etc.

- down proof properties (please refer to our group of light weight fabrics which also offer down proof properties by construction only.


The average data (*) are:
Waterproofness: 200-1,000 mm (by JIS L1092, modified mesh plate version)
recommended application:windproof properties for athletic, Golf and casual and many more
(*) the figures are based on average data and depending on many factors such as fabric constructions and bonding methods