solvent free laminations


The processing of waterproof membranes and coatings has traditionally emitted toxic solvents like DMF (dimethylformamide). This widely used solvent is discharged in wastewater from finishing factories. Although attempts have been made to recycle this wastewate, large amounts of DMF still escape and have been known to cause cancer and human issues.
GELANOTS Eco laminates and coatings eliminate such toxic solvents and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

We offer the following eco-friendly performance laminates and coatings:

01 solvent free Polyester membrane
(==> GPE)

02 solvent free Polyurethane membranes
(==> GEL, GHB, G7H, GMP, IM)

03 solvent free PEPA membranes
(==> GPA)

04 water based coatings